We’ve successfully delivered Fundamental Building Commissioning (EAp1) and Enhanced Commissioning (EAc3) Services for over 300 LEED Projects. They’ve included Building Envelope, Facility Conditions Assessments, Infrared Thermography, LEED Fundamental & Enhanced, Pressurization Testing, Thermal, Air & Vapor Barrier Analysis and Validated Environments.

Commissioning Services

We provide ongoing commissioning services that optimize building systems and ensure peak performance and occupant comfort. Our personnel assist building owners by proactively addressing deficiencies before they become serious operational issues.

Facility Performance Optimization

We’ve assembled Nationally Certified Commissioning Personnel to represent the best-recognized firms in our industry, including:

  • Building Science
  • Controls
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical-Electrical
  • Refrigeration

Building Systems

  • Chilled & Condenser Water
  • Cleanroom Test & Certification
  • Combined Heat & Power
  • Emergency Power Systems & UPS
  • Fire Protection & Fire Alarm
  • Fuel Oil
  • Geothermal
  • HVAC & Control Integration
  • ASHRAE 110 Laboratory Fume Hood Testing
  • Lighting Controls
  • Medical Technology
  • Plumbing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Steam & Hot Water Boilers
  • Thermal, Air, & Vapor Barrier Analysis
  • WiFi, Wired Network, AV, Security

Thought Content

Planning for the New Normal
Plumbing Systems Re-Occupancy and Ongoing Operations

Your building may have been shut down these past many months due to WFH/COVID. Minimal use of your building’s water systems creates stagnant water in your plumbing system piping and equipment, which promotes the growth of Legionella and/or other biofilm-associated bacteria. This places your building occupants at risk when re-occupancy occurs. Now is the time to develop and implement a safe and effective Water Management Plan to protect your building occupants, maximizing their health and safety upon re-occupancy.

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