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Flex Lab

Project Overview

Heapy provided Commissioning Services for the $54 million Flex Lab in the College of Engineering. The Flex Lab Facility is a new multidisciplinary research facility designed to support the growth of the College of Engineering, which is a facet of the Purdue Moves initiative to “forge the way in STEM leadership.” The facility provides a transformative environment which encourages collaboration, team based research, learning and engagement among peers with diverse research interests.

Commissioning services included the mechanical systems within the building, including the commissioning of the domestic heating hot water systems, and commissioning of the lighting control system along with the electrical metering.

Heapy’s services included providing design review, developing a Commissioning Plan, developing a functional performance and integrated systems test, assisting Purdue in conducting a pre-bid meeting, and leading and organizing commissioning team meetings.

The planned 75,000 SF Flex Lab is critical to the strategic growth in engineering and will boost industry- and government-funded research collaborations and intellectual property development. Designed to adapt to the creative and innovative needs of professors and their students, Flex Lab will house wet-lab, dry-lab and open collaboration spaces that support many disciplines.



75,000 SF


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