NASA Glenn Research Center

Support Building

Project Overview

The Research Support Building (RSB) is NASA Glenn Research Center’s second phase of the Facility Master Plan multiyear effort to revitalize the central campus and renovate or replace WWII era campus buildings.

Heapy provided Mechanical-Electrical-Technology services for the NASA Glenn Research Center new Research Support Building. The new 60,000 SF building will provide office space for 160 permanent occupants as well as house the cafeteria, hotel spaces, exchange store, ATM, training rooms and conference rooms. The RSB is designed with collaboration in mind, including multiple break out spaces throughout the building, low partition workstations, and specialized concurrent engineering rooms.

The RSB will sit adjacent to the Mission Integration Center (MIC). These two buildings are key to creating a Campus Center at Lewis Field, a central destination envisioned to promote innovation and serve as a campus center and gathering location for the Glenn community.

The RSB takes an integrative approach to sustainability, workplace evolution, and maintainability. Design and construction of the building operations are focused to meet modern day building energy performance requirements while achieving a minimum LEED Silver certification.



$20,000,000 (est.)
60,000 SF


Thought Content

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