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Project Overview

Heapy designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for Avetec’s new Advanced Modeling and Simulation Center.  The facility is 37,000 SF and includes: offices, conference rooms, classrooms, auditorium, lunchroom, a data center and a common area for simulation, modeling and incubator space.  The facility is located in Springfield’s NextEdge Applied Research Park.

The facility is used to facilitate dramatic reduction in the cost and time it now takes manufacturers to design, develop and test new turbine engines for commercial and military application.  Avetec uses the facility to work together with industry, the Air Force, NASA and academia to apply high performance computing to develop a world-class modeling and simulation capability that allows engineers to design, test and modify engines in a virtual setting with radically decreased time and cost.

The Avetec Data Center includes 150 watts/SF power density capability with 1 SF of support space per 2 SF of raised floor with a total capacity of 2,000-3,000 SF of raised floor for a 300 kilowatt load.  The design also includes necessary infrastructure for UPS, batteries, generators, mechanical systems and cooling distribution.

The building incorporates environmentally friendly components, such as geothermal cooling for equipment and fuel cells to conserve energy.
The project was completed in 2008 with a total construction cost of $7,000,000.
Avetec was awarded a 2009 ABC Ohio Valley Chapter Award of Commendation and the 2011 AIA Cincinnati Built Work Award of Honor.


37,000 SF


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