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Project Overview

This Retro-Commissioning investigation focused on optimization of existing systems to improve energy efficiency while maintaining appropriate operational conditions in the facility. As part of this investigation, Heapy investigated potential operational improvements to the following, but not limited to:

  • Building automation system review
  • Modular heat recovery chilled water system operation and pump control strategies
  • Heating hot water plant operation and pump control strategies
  • Geothermal plant system operations and pump control strategies
  • Air-Handling and terminal unit system sequence of controls
  • Tuning of existing sequences to further improve energy efficiency
  • Review of occupied/unoccupied setback strategies ensuring system meet the space needs required by the facility staff


Darbydale 49,000 SF
Franklin Heights 171,300 SF

Project Cost: $11,625
Annual kWh savings: 118,000 kWh
Annual Cost Savings: $15,000
Payback : 10 Months

Project Cost: $20,640
Annual kWh savings: 256,000 kWh
Annual NG Savings: 535 therm / yr
Annual Cost Savings: $23,100
Payback : 11 Months

Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)
Trim and Respond Duct Static Pressure Reset
Single Zone Fan Speed Tuning
AHU Optimum Start / Stop
Thermostat Deadband Adjustments


Thought Content

Planning for the New Normal

In Planning for the NEW NORMAL, we must provide ways to make the built environment safe and healthy. What Strategic Operations Planning is necessary to ensure your Organization and its facilities, equipment, and people are prepared for the “What’s Next?”

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