Purdue University

Sustainability Plan

Project Overview

The Sustainability Planning effort at Purdue University is being facilitated by HEAPY with the goal to develop a five-year Sustainability Strategic Plan for Purdue Physical Facilities.  This work will help the University set a specific course toward carbon neutrality and assess overall campus Resiliency.  HEAPY will summarize this effort in a summary Sustainability Plan Report.  The Goals, Objectives and Initiatives identified in this Report will be established with consideration of the following criteria:

  • Build from current University progress toward Sustainability.
  • Adopt the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment.
  • Position the University as a leader among its peers.
  • Address matters of cost, ROI and risk management / mitigation, (taking into consideration available resources allocated in the University’s 5-year financial and physical plan).
  • Have specific targets and timelines for achievement, and with specific metrics for measurement and tracking over time.
  • Include an assessment of social, environmental, and economic impact (of each goal).


HEAPY’s effort for the Purdue Sustainability Plan includes:

  • Develop and produce the summary Sustainability Plan Report.
  • Organize and facilitate a series of on-campus Workshops among the Physical Facilities Sustainability Working Group Sustainability Committee and the University Resource Policy Committee and coordinating these work sessions with the University’s Director of Sustainability.
  • Conduct a Benchmarking effort to compile information on current sustainability context. Benchmarking tasks included: Recommending Goals, Objectives, Initiatives, Policies, Procedures and Associated Changes to support meeting the identified Goals in the Sustainability Plan Report and provide a prioritization outline for their implementation.

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