Ohio Wesleyan University

Facilities and Energy Master Plan

Project Overview

Heapy produced a Campus-wide Facilities and Energy Master Plan for Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU). Services included an assessment of 30 buildings (totaling over 1 million square feet) on the Delaware Campus. Building Mechanical-Electrical systems were assessed to ascertain condition, estimate remaining service life, identify deferred maintenance issues and to evaluate potential Energy Conservation Measures. Onsite walk-throughs of each Building were conducted.

Among over 110 Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) identified to reduce energy consumption, this list includes:
Building HVAC system controls upgrades
Campus-wide Retro-Commissioning
Chiller System replacement
Lighting retrofits to LED
Pumping System Upgrades
Steam System Upgrades

Heapy identified an annual energy cost savings for the University of over $300,000, reducing overall campus-wide energy consumption by approximately 20%. Heapy Solutions, the general Construction firm wholly owned by Heapy, is in the process of implementing a $3.5 Million Campus Energy Conservation Upgrade Project.


30 Buildings, over 1 Million Square Feet


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