Cedarville University

Health Sciences Center

Project Overview

Heapy designed the Mechanical-Electrical and Technology systems for the new 80,000 SF medical science facility on the campus of Cedarville University. The new facility was designed to house the nursing and pharmacy schools.

The New Medical Science Building includes:

  • Health Clinic
  • High Fidelity Lab
  • Low Fidelity Lab
  • Distance Learning Classrooms
  • Collaboration Rooms
  • Faculty Offices

These spaces feature the following technologies:

  • IP Nurse Call Systems
  • Code Blue Systems
  • CCTV & Microphone Systems
  • Sound Reinforcement Systems
  • SimMan Advance Patient Simulators
  • High-Definition Distance Learning capabilities

The facility was completed in July of 2012 and was awarded the Excellence in Construction Eagle Award in 2013.


85,000 SF


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