Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland Clinic

Health Education Campus

Project Overview

Heapy is providing Commissioning Services for the 470,000 sf, 5-story, $400 million total project cost (including FF&E), medical and nursing education facility. The lower level is dedicated to nursing simulation and food service, mechanical, electrical, ITD, plumbing, logistics and other building services. The first floor includes medical and nursing classrooms, labs, administrative, food service, and library spaces, within a large 4-story courtyard. On the second floor, medical and nursing classrooms, and x-ray diagnostic space will be available. The third floor will provide medical and nursing classrooms, faculty, student study, and virtual learning spaces while the fourth floor includes and open concept administrative office space for medical and nursing, as well as student learning communities.

The nature of the Clinic/CWRU project is an effort to integrate education of doctors, nurses, physician assistants and dentists in a holistic, “interprofessional” manner.

The building is envisioned as a high-tech, virtually paperless environment aimed at training students to navigate in a world of digital medical records and high-tech equipment.

Thought Content

Planning for the New Normal

In Planning for the NEW NORMAL, we must provide ways to make the built environment safe and healthy. What Strategic Operations Planning is necessary to ensure your Organization and its facilities, equipment, and people are prepared for the “What’s Next?”

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