Beacon Health System

Memorial Children's Hospital Addition

Project Overview

Heapy designed the Mechanical-Electrical and Technology systems and provided Commissioning Services for the three-floor expansion atop the existing Hospital. The project expanded and vertically integrated the existing NICU, PICU, Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematology Oncology services into the newly constructed and renovation spaces. The NICU consists of a 44 bed unit and related support space, located in approximately 39,000 SF of new construction. PICU/Peds consists of a 36 bed unit and related support space, located in approximately 7,000 SF of renovated space.

Central Utility Plant:
The Hospital wanted to replace its aging chillers with four new 900 ton chillers and associated cooling towers. Heapy identified that Memorial Hospital is built on an underground aquifer and developed the strategy of installing 3600 tons of chillers using the aquifer for rejecting the heat instead of using cooling towers. This innovative geothermal system not only saves energy, make up water and chemical treatment, it also reduces the need for site impacts associated with the size and shape of the central plant adding on to support the cooling towers. Other benefits include the elimination of potential cooling tower noise issues for the neighbors as well as issues that could be associated with the plume of water vapor from the cooling towers. This strategy has a 2.5 year payback for Memorial Hospital.


39,000 SF New Construction
7,000 SF Renovation


Thought Content

Planning for the New Normal
Plumbing Systems Re-Occupancy and Ongoing Operations

Your building may have been shut down these past many months due to WFH/COVID. Minimal use of your building’s water systems creates stagnant water in your plumbing system piping and equipment, which promotes the growth of Legionella and/or other biofilm-associated bacteria. This places your building occupants at risk when re-occupancy occurs. Now is the time to develop and implement a safe and effective Water Management Plan to protect your building occupants, maximizing their health and safety upon re-occupancy.

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