Affiliations & Accreditations

Since our founding, HEAPY has built a reputation as one of the most respected names in the industry. Some of our proudest achievements have been the prestigious accreditations we’ve received and affiliations we’ve developed.



MEP Engineering

  • PE, Electrical Engineer
  • PE, Mechanical Engineer
  • PE, Fire Protection
  • LC, Lighting Certified by NCQLP
  • CPD, Certified Plumbing Designer
  • CFPS, Certified Fire Protection Specialist
  • HFDP, Healthcare Facility Design Professional
  • HBDP, High Performance Building Design Professional
  • DCEP, Data Center Energy Practitioner

Building Optimization Services

  • CEM, Certified Energy Manager
  • BEAP, Building Energy Assessment Professional
  • BEMP, Building Energy Modeling Professional
  • GGP, Green Globes Professional
  • LEED Green Associate
  • BECxP, Building Enclosure Commissioning Process Provider
  • CxA, Certified Commissioning Authority
  • CxA+BE, Certified Commissioning Authority Building Enclosure
  • CPMP, Commx Process Management Professional
  • QCxP, Qualified Commissioning Process Provider
  • CCP, Certified Commissioning Provider
  • CCS, Certified Construction Specifier
  • CBCP, Certified Building Commissioning Provider
  • EBCP, Existing Building Commissioning Provider
  • EMP, Energy Management Professional

Technology Services

  • RCDD, Registered Communication Distribution Designer
  • CTS, Certified Technology Specialist
  • CTS-D, Certified Technology Specialist AV System Design Specialization
  • NTS, Network Technology Systems
  • DCDC, Data Center Design Consultant
  • ESS, Electronic Safety and Security Designer

Information Technology

  • MCSE, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Thought Content

Planning for the New Normal
Plumbing Systems Re-Occupancy and Ongoing Operations

Your building may have been shut down these past many months due to WFH/COVID. Minimal use of your building’s water systems creates stagnant water in your plumbing system piping and equipment, which promotes the growth of Legionella and/or other biofilm-associated bacteria. This places your building occupants at risk when re-occupancy occurs. Now is the time to develop and implement a safe and effective Water Management Plan to protect your building occupants, maximizing their health and safety upon re-occupancy.

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