Top Energy Performance Hotel

HEAPY designed the MEP systems for the Hilton Columbus Downtown, which opened 2013.  These systems were the most energy efficient available at the time, which have resulted in producing considerable energy savings.  The Columbus Hilton is one of the Top 3 energy efficient hotels in their organization!

This new, 430,000 square-foot, 14-Story Hotel shows LEED Gold can be achieved utilizing MEP systems that achieve outstanding energy and sustainability success when the entire Design Team collaborates on collective goals.  The project design team consisted of HOK, Heapy, Moody Nolan, SMBH and Turner Construction.

  • Efficient water-cooled variable speed cooling system with heat recovery, and high efficiency hot water boilers.
  • VAV air handling systems, including central bathroom exhaust for air-side energy recovery.
  • Guestroom temperature setback controls.
  • LED and fluorescent lighting with lighting controls.
  • LEED V2.2 Energy Modeling predicts EUI of 80.8 kbtu/SF/YR for the designed versus an EUI of 117 for ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Baseline, equating to a betterment of 31%.

If you would like more information on how to save energy dollars on your hotel projects, Contact Alec Carnes at 937-224-0861.

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