We would like to wish our colleague Rod Rusnak, Electrical Technical Manager, a very well-deserved and happy retirement after 42 years with us! During his time at HEAPY, Rod has designed electrical engineering systems on major projects in medical facilities and on college campuses. As a certified Professional Engineer, Certified Construction Specifier, and a LEED Accredited Professional, Rod’s in-depth expertise includes medium voltage distribution, SKM Powerware and EasyPower Software platforms, and communications and controls system design. Rod’s exceptional performance and commitment to quality on complex projects led him to be named Principal in 2001.

Read more about Rod’s past projects, his favorite memories at HEAPY, and his plans for enjoying his retirement.

How many years have you been with HEAPY?

“I started working at Heapy & Associates in January 1979. I have now been with HEAPY for 42 years.”

What are you looking forward to in retirement?

“My favorite pastime is golfing. Generally, I play three times a week. In retirement, I should be able to play five times per week and be more selective when it comes to favorable weather conditions. I also do some bike riding. For last 10 years, I have been riding a spin bike inside with an occasional outside ride. My plan is to get out on the bike path a couple times a week. One of my hobbies I enjoy doing is woodworking. I have most of the tools, but do not have the right space for tools and projects, so we are in the process of building a garage/workshop to spread things out. I enjoy doing yardwork and now I have some time to work on the landscape and not rush through the task before dark and I can appreciate it all in the light.

As for travelling, my wife Debbie and I will go to Colorado a couple times in the late Spring and early Fall. Then we will go to the Smoky Mountains in the late Fall. As for Winter in Ohio, we have not planned an escape, but that may change when we experience Ohio’s winter next year. We won’t do any foreign traveling, however; we will be free from time constraints to make side trips to places around the country that we have not seen when we visit our family members.”

What were your favorite aspects working with HEAPY over the years?

“The people have made my time at HEAPY enjoyable; from the late nights to get drawings done, learning about old and new equipment and types of spaces, to traveling for project reviews. My other favorite memories include playing cards at long lunchbreaks, golf league, weekends canoeing and camping, movies and dinners, and evening card parties. Overall, it was a great time to spend the last 42 years at HEAPY. Wishing continued success to the HEAPY family.”

What is your favorite project you worked on at HEAPY?

“My years spent at HEAPY have included working on a wide variety of projects with lots of diverse people, from reworking breaker controls at Ohio Bell, Ameritech and AT&T to digital switching. My work also included upgrading primary distribution systems at Veterans Affairs facilities, Ohio University, Miami University, Central State University, and Wright State University. New construction projects that I was a part of include Miami University Bioscience, the Veterans Affairs Dayton Tower, Wright State University Student Services, Ohio University BioTech Building, Dayton Air Ballpark, and University of Cincinnati Recreation Center and Varsity Village. I have also done additions and remodels at Kettering Medical Center and other hospitals. All these projects provided me with some memorable experiences.”

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