We would like to wish our colleague, Gary Eodice, HVAC Technical Leader, a very well-deserved and happy retirement. During his 40-year tenure with HEAPY as a Professional Engineer specializing in Mechanical Engineering, Gary was responsible for developing and maintaining HEAPY’s HVAC Design and Production Standards and Methodologies. His continued strong work ethic was recognized and he was invited to be a Principal in 2008. As a leader, Gary inspired the next generation of engineers, training and supervising HVAC co-op students to hone their talents and expand their knowledge in the industry.

Read more about Gary’s favorite project, his most memorable experiences and what he’s looking forward to most in retirement.

How many years have you been with HEAPY?

“I started as a Wright State University co-op in April of 1981, right at the beginning of the Reagan administration. I started working full time in the Fall of 1984 after graduation and a short stint with Oldsmobile. I was hired by Larry Smith, who has passed since, but served as a great early mentor along with Don Engle. HEAPY was my work family for 40 years.”

What are you looking forward to in retirement?

“We just bought a home in Hilton Head and will be retiring there in a couple weeks. It will be one last fixer upper that my wife Kristi and I do, which is the “hobby” we’ve both done over and over. There will be lots of bike riding, and a mix of kayaking, fishing, trail walking, grilling, golfing at the many courses available, and of course relaxing at the beach. I also enjoy landscaping, and the house we bought gives plenty of opportunity to learn new plants and revitalize the lush landscaping that is already there.”

What were your favorite aspects working with HEAPY over the years?

“The people, who I will miss for sure, especially after this pandemic interruption. HEAPY attracts a variety of great folks. I have had the pleasure to work with many, truly good-hearted and talented people. I owe HEAPY Ownership a lot for helping me develop as an employee, a Principal, and personally.”

What is your favorite project you worked on at HEAPY?

“This is a very tough one after decades of projects, but I’d have to say that the Thompson Library Addition and Renovation at The Ohio State University (OSU) was my favorite project for many reasons. Thompson Library was a landmark at OSU, and this project brought her back to life and into the 21st century. There were huge HVAC challenges to overcome. There were system types I had never worked on before, such as archive collections, a high-rise for book stacks, two atriums with smoke evac, campus steam and chilled water, and a host of air systems scattered around. Acock Associates was the working architect, and they were remarkable people to work with.”

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