HVAC Improvement

Project Overview

Heapy Solutions provided a complete engineering led turnkey HVAC upgrade project for the WinSupply six (6) story office tower building including design, bidding, permit and construction.

The project included: – New High Efficiency Boiler Plant – High Efficiency Chiller Plant – Cooling Tower – Central Plant Piping Replacement – New Zoned VAV Box – New Johnson Control DDC Control System with Graphic Interface and WEB Monitoring.

The heating plant included four (4) 1,450 MBH boilers (5,800 MBH total) and the associated primary/secondary pumps, air/dirt separator, variable frequency drives and boiler temperature reset controls. The chilled water plant included a 250-ton water cooled chiller with variable speed drive, cooling tower with variable speed drive and primary chilled water pumping. Renovation of the project included 60 VAV boxes with hot water reheat coils and zone thermostats.

Project Accomplishments:
The project was phased and completed with a fully occupied building, had a high owner satisfaction and very few requested scope changes. Boiler average thermal efficiency is at 95%. The new high efficiency chilled water plant is approximately 25% more efficient than the previous chilled water plant.

Redundancy in the heating plant now allows normal maintenance without impacting operations. The new temperature control system allows the building manager to view the building operation and receive critical alarms from anywhere in the country.

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