University of Dayton Caldwell Street

Student Housing

Project Overview

Heapy designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for the University of Dayton’s new student housing. The $25 million development adds apartment-style residential units near Caldwell and Brown Streets. The project redeveloped six acres and created five apartment buildings for 427 upperclassmen and some international students.
The apartments have a townhouse-style facade with the same amenities and architectural features—arches, overhangs, gable and dormers—common to houses in the adjacent student neighborhood. A courtyard connects the five buildings.

The project received the Excellence in Construction Eagle Award in 2013.




Thought Content

Planning for the New Normal

In Planning for the NEW NORMAL, we must provide ways to make the built environment safe and healthy. What Strategic Operations Planning is necessary to ensure your Organization and its facilities, equipment, and people are prepared for the “What’s Next?”

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