Summa Health


Project Overview

The 343,000 SF addition to Summa Health’s Akron City Hospital will become the new “front door” to the hospital. The seven-story tower will include new facilities for Summa’s Women’s Health program, modern inpatient rooms and nursing units and expanded surgical capacity.

Heapy was retained to provide commissioning services to ensure that the fundamental systems are calibrated and operating as required to deliver functional and efficient performance. The following building systems are being commissioned:
HVAC Systems
Air Handling Units
Surgical Air Terminal Units
Clinical and Non-Clinical Air Terminal Units
Unitary Heaters
Exhaust Fans
Computer Room / Telecom / Elevator Split Systems
Water Cooled Chillers
Cooling Towers
Chilled Water Pumps
Condenser Water Pumps
Condenser Water Treatment Systems
Refrigerant Detection and Alarm System
Steam Pressure Reducing Stations
Steam-HW Converters
HW Pumps
Steam Condensate Pumps
Steam Distribution – Sterilizers, Medical Equipment
Humidification Units
DDC Control System & Components

Plumbing Systems
Domestic Hot Water Systems
Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Pumps
Domestic Water Softening
Sump Pump Unit / Sewage Ejector Units
Domestic Water Booster Pump
HW Plumbing Fixtures – Temperature Verification
Fuel Oil System & Controls

Electrical Systems
Interior & Exterior Lighting Control Systems
Low Voltage Switch Gear
Medium Voltage Switch Gear
Normal & Life Safety Panelboards
LIM Panelboards
Nurse Call / Code Blue Systems

Life Safety Systems
Emergency Generators
Automatic Transfer Switches
Paralleling Gear
UPS Systems


343,000 SF


Thought Content

Seasonal Maintenance Increases Efficiency and Improves Indoor Air Quality

By: Ryan Hoffman

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