Northern Kentucky University

College of Informatics

Project Overview

Heapy provided Commissioning Services for Griffin Hall, a new academic building at the emerging College of Informatics on the Northern Kentucky University campus.   The building is 112,000 SF and includes classrooms, computer labs, a digitorium (digital auditorium), television/media studios and control rooms, teaching labs, research/partnership space, CAVE (a computer assisted virtual environment) offices, and support space.

The following building systems were Commissioned:

  • Steam to Hot Water System (including associated pumps)
  • Chilled Water System (including associated pumps)
  • Central Air Handling Systems
  • Terminal Units (Variable Air Volume Units)
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Unit Heaters and Cabinet Unit heaters
  • Automatic temperature control system
  • Lighting Controls Systems to meet LEED Energy Credit criteria
  • Domestic water generation, distribution, pumping and mixing systems required to meet LEED Water Efficiency Credit criteria
  • Perimeter Radiant heating system (Fin tube Radiators)
  • Electrical/Lighting controls system
  • Theatrical Lighting System
  • Integrated Building System

Thought Content

Seasonal Maintenance Increases Efficiency and Improves Indoor Air Quality

By: Ryan Hoffman

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