Niagara Falls


Project Overview

Heapy is a part of the Design-Build team that is renovating the Headquarters Building 800 Project at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, NY.

The team is providing complete design analysis incorporating all engineering computations, analysis, test and survey results, building code (including fire protection, life safety, environmental and accessibility) review as it pertains/affects/relates to this project, equipment and material data and documentation of existing conditions.

The work includes the demolition of existing interior walls, construction of new walls, the demolition and replacement of the existing roof system, the demolition and replacement of the existing exterior cladding/finishes, the demolition and replacement of existing interior utilities and services, and site improvements.

User groups in this facility include:  Finance, Force Support, Recruiting, SARC/EO/Psych, Contracting, Wing Command Section, DTF, Public Affairs, Judge Advocate, Safety, IGI/CCO, Historian, IP, Mission Support Group, Maintenance Group, Operations Group, Conference Space, Break Room and Building Support.

Thought Content

Seasonal Maintenance Increases Efficiency and Improves Indoor Air Quality

By: Ryan Hoffman

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