Lucas County

Facility Assessment

Project Overview

Heapy led the engineering and architectural Facility Assessment consisting of 17 different buildings. Ten of those buildings were fully audited and equal a total of 220,000 SF. Heapy provided retro-commissioning to the additional seven buildings.

General building physical condition of the following systems / assemblies include:
Roofs, walls, floors, & windows
Fire suppression
Building controls
Lighting systems
Communications systems

Building Audits included:
Site reviews of each building system based on the American Society for Testing Materials guidelines
Evaluation of current code / standard compliance
Site condition report including photographs, recommendations for short-term and long-term improvements
Administration of bidding process
Estimated costs for construction / installation / repair over a 20-year period
Utility consumption and cost information for purposes of benchmarking
AutoCAD floor plan capturing overall architectural layout

Retro-Commissioning Services included:
Complete review of building HVAC system(s) components and report documenting the findings, energy efficiency recommendations and estimate costs
Administration of bidding process
Utility consumption and cost information for purposes of benchmarking
Findings, recommendations and cost estimates report
Floor plans with major equipment located
Energy benchmark performance
Executive Summary providing recommendations, improvement costs, and timeline for implementation


17 Buildings
220,000 SF


Thought Content

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