Hanscom Air Force Base

Central Plant

Project Overview

Heapy is providing the MEP engineering for the Repair (Sustain) Central Plant, B1201 at Hanscom AFB, MA. B1201 Central Steam and Chilled Water Plant was originally built in 1954 and requires major repairs and renovations in order to ensure safe and efficient operation for the next 25 years. These services will involve development of conceptual drawings, design analyses, specifications and cost estimates.

This will include the repair, replacement, and modernization of mechanical and electrical infrastructure, controls, and equipment, repairs and upgrades to plant architectural and structural elements, study and replacement of an underground storage tank with an above ground tank, installation of new catwalks and the addition of a solar hot water system to pre-heat makeup water, a fire water flow test, environmental studies to identify hazardous materials and contamination, a survey to produce electronic drawings, as well as other safety and environmental improvements.

The project is being designed to meet these standards: International Building Code (IBC); Unified Facility Criteria (UFC); Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS); Engineering Technical Letters (ETLs), Air Force Instructions (AFIs), and Executive Orders (EOs) in effect at the time of the pre-final design deliverable; Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Guidelines for Accessibility; Air Force Sustainable Design and Development (SDD) Implementing Guidance, and applicable Air Force corporate facility standards.


Central Plant


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