Great Oaks

Career Campuses

Project Overview

Heapy has provided Mechanical-Electrical design services for multiple locations on the Great Oaks Campus.

Great Oaks is one of the largest career and technical education districts in the area and has been providing career development, workforce development and economic development services to individuals, business, industry, labor, communities and other organizations in southwest Ohio since 1970.

Diamond Oaks – $20 Million project, 204, 050 SF
The main building just completed a major renovation in the summer of 2011. This was a phased project to keep the school in session.

Scarlet Oaks – $24 Million, 321,739 SF
This project occurred over several years and represents multiple phases of construction.

Corporate Office – $1.2 Million, 12,690 SF
This was a $1.2 Million renovation project.

Instructional Resource Center & Data Center – $900,000
This building was originally designed by Heapy in 1998 and received a partial renovation in 2007.

Laurel Oaks – $2.3 Million and $925,220
Building 200 (70,500 SF) was renovated for $2.3 Million. The Ag Center (70,500 SF) is currently receiving a partial renovation with a construction cost of $925,220.

Live Oaks– $6.39 Million
The Main Building (174,150 SF) and the Animal Research Building (11,280 SF) received partial renovations. The kitchen and dining area will also be renovated similar to the present Scarlet kitchen and dining renovation.


Diamond Oaks - $20,000,000
Scarlet Oaks - $24,000,000
Corporate Office - $1,200,000
Instructional Resource Center & Data Center - $900,000
Laurel Oaks - $3,225,220
Live Oaks - $6,390,000

Diamond Oaks - 204,050 SF
Scarlet Oaks - 321,739 SF
Corporate Office - 12,690 SF
Laurel Oaks - 141,000 SF
Live Oaks - 185,430 SF


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