Genesis Coshocton

Medical Center

Project Overview

The Genesis Healthcare System’s new, state-of-the-art hospital in Coshocton centers not only around function, but around the overall patient environment. HEAPY is serving as the Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing and Technology design engineer and providing Commissioning services as well. The lighting design provides a direct connection to the patient environment for an enhanced experience. Within the patient rooms, the lighting has been designed to reduce glare and direct lighting into patients’ eyes. The design has two linear multi-function fixtures located on either side of patient’s bed to allow for lighting uniformity. The controls allow patients to control the ambient light functions with dimming abilities.

The lobby features several large pendant fixtures combined with linear fixtures, which will provide a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. The space also has motorized shades that will reduce the glare and high light levels with new lighting fixtures in place, combined with natural light. Within other spaces of the building, there is a secondary lobby and waiting area. This area will utilize daylight to allow for the dimming of light fixtures while the sun is shining.

The building has a generator that allows for coverage during an emergency. The Emergency Department and the imaging department have a backup generator that allows for the continued care of patients during a power outage. The operating rooms have two separate Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) from the generator to reduce the risk of issues during a power outage. The utility equipment has been placed away from the building to allow patients to look out their windows and not see all the equipment. The facility is in the final stages of design. It has been a challenge, but that challenge opens up different design tactics to help improve the patient experience.


60,000 SF


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