Fort Stewart

2nd Brigade Complex

Project Overview

Heapy provided Technology Design Services for the Fort Stewart 2nd Brigade Complex. The Fort Stewart 2nd Brigade Complex is a combination of 3 different buildings, 67,345 SF of structure that consists of the following:
2 stories, 39,450 SF of Brigade Headquarters Facility
2 stories, 17,895 SF of Battalion Headquarters Facility
1 story, 10,000 SF of Brigade Organizational Classroom Facility
Projected construction budget of approximately $22,826,000
Projected Technology budget of approximately $1.5 Million

The three facilities included many high-tech features including:
Brigade Operation Center – The “BOC” is similar to an emergency operation center in a local city or county. Each representative of the various staff agencies shall have a workstation connected to all critical networks.
Network Operations Center – The Network Operations Center is a secure area with restricted access. The NOC is the area where S-6 personnel and personnel from supporting activities perform network operations.
Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). The Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility is a secure area with restricted access that stores and processes classified information.
SCIF Trailers – Mobile Structures that are SCIF rated (DCID 6/9) and can be connected to the Brigade Headquarters for additional SCIF activities.
Server Rooms – Data Centers that directly support the BOC, NOC and SCIF areas as well as the SCIF Trailers.
Raised Access Flooring – High concentrations of copper and fiber optic cabling as well as the requirement for workstation flexibility mandated the use of raised floors.
SIPRNET – The requirement for secure networks within the buildings mandated the use of SIPRNET rooms and the use of PDS (Protective Distribution Systems).
Access Control – With thousands of dollars of equipment and secure information at risk access control and intrusion detection were implemented.
Secure Video Teleconferencing – Designing the Infrastructure to support Secure VTC.

Heapy provided Fundamental LEED Commissioning Services. These Commissioning Services met the requirements of the Fundamental Building Systems Commissioning Prerequisite, (EAp1) as described in the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design for New Construction (LEED-NC) Rating System, version 2.2.

The project was completed in 2010 and achieved LEED Silver certification in 2013.



67,345 SF


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