Columbus Metropolitan Library

Main Branch Renovations

Project Overview

Heapy designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for the renovation of the existing facility as well as a potential expansion. The Main Library facility continues to serve as both a public library as well as a location for the Library’s leadership, administrative offices and select functional areas for the organization.

The overall goals of the Main Library renovations are:
To increase the space available to the public and to create safe, sustainable, vibrant places that support community oriented, user-centered programs, technologies and services, providing direct access to the Library’s extensive resources, current technology and exceptional staff.
To integrate technology and automation thereby providing customers and staff opportunity to utilize the latest digital advancements. Our goal is to utilize technology to serve our customer’s needs in the most efficient ways possible, including self-service whenever possible.
To address the changing dynamics of the library service model, such as the growing influence of eBooks, social media and mobile devices as they pertain to customer behavior and expectations.

The Main Library transformed the user experience to focus on meaningful experiences that connect, share, and inspire. Built-in operational efficiencies and future flexibility allow for the continued stewardship of public resources. The revitalized Main Library is a physical manifestation of the Library brand, aligning with the simultaneous efforts to build and expand branch facilities. The expansion and renovation allows the Main Library to fulfill its intended role as a vital civic asset, in both a revitalized downtown Discovery District and throughout central Ohio.



257,400 SF


Thought Content

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