Cleveland Clinic

Avon Inpatient Bed Tower

Project Overview

The Cleveland Clinic’s Avon Campus is a seven-story, 126 bed addition where Heapy designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for the expansion of the Cleveland Clinic Richard E. Jacobs Health Center.

The existing facility on Just Imagine Drive is strictly for out-patient procedures. Now that the new Inpatient bed tower is completed, the city of Avon has a full hospital.

The expansion entails an addition of 250,000 SF to the current 190,000 SF at the health center, with 25 to 30 rooms on each floor. The tower also includes a connector building to the existing Family Health Center and a helipad.

The current, $93 million Jacobs Health Center has been a bigger success than hospital officials expected. The clinic purchased 31 adjoining acres to the facility, bringing the overall size to 71 acres to allow for the bed tower expansion.


250,000 SF


Thought Content

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