Central State University

Center For Education and Natural Science

Project Overview

Heapy was engaged to perform a retro-commissioning study of Center for Education and Natural Science facility at Central State University with the goal of identifying opportunities to optimize building system operations and maximize energy performance. The focus of this effort was based around building system controls programming, mechanical/HVAC air-handling and zone terminal units and the building chilled and hot water plants. The retro-commissioning effort uncovered several areas where energy could be conserved.

Central State University’s Center for Education and Natural Sciences facility includes office, classroom, and laboratory space. Overall, the facility is split into two distinct wings, the Phase 1–Education Wing and the Phase 2–Natural Sciences Wing, totaling approximately 101,000 SF.

The Phase 1–Education Wing is approximately two occupiable floors of classroom and office spaces with an auditorium and the Phase 2–Natural Sciences Wing is approximately three occupiable floors of predominantly laboratory spaces.

The electricity savings goal for the study was established during the application process at 115,000 kWh per year. The Retro-Commissioning analysis uncovered 173,900 kWh of potential electricity savings. Additionally, 39,800 therms of natural gas savings have been identified. Overall, Heapy identified over $30,000 in potential annual energy cost savings with a combined payback of less than 1 year.


101,000 SF


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