Kettering Health Network celebrated the grand opening of Troy Hospital. HEAPY provided the MEP Design and Commissioning Services for the new $60 Million hospital. The hospital will transform care for patients and their families in the Troy community. Offering a coordinated approach to healthcare, patients can receive preventative, whole-person care centered on the patient, near where they work and live. This seamless approach is different than anything that currently exists in Miami County.

Because Troy Hospital sits on a larger aquifer, HEAPY designed the project to utilize chillers (cooling) with increased energy efficiency using geothermal ground-source based condenser water. Other High Performance strategies include high efficiency dual-fuel condensing boilers for heating along with air handling units zoned to match building occupancy. Building controls continuously optimize chilled water, hot water and air-side reset schedules to reduce energy usage.

The HEAPY Commissioning Team verified that equipment was installed and operating properly to ensure intended life cycle, reliability, and reduction in maintenance/operational expense. Many of the issues identified and corrected by the Commissioning Team would have had a negative effect on building occupants, primarily in the form of uncomfortable environment conditions or inoperable components of the building systems. With these issues resolved through the Commissioning Process, the building occupants benefit not only from properly operating equipment that uses less energy, requires fewer service calls and replacement parts, and demands less “crisis maintenance” from Kettering Health Network’s Facilities Management Staff, but also provides improved environmental patient and staff comfort!

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