TriHealth Cuts Ribbon on Thomas Center

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More Expertise = Better SERVICE

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Planning for the New Normal
Plumbing Systems Re-Occupancy and Ongoing Operations

Your building may have been shut down these past many months due to WFH/COVID. Minimal use of your building’s water systems creates stagnant water in your plumbing system piping and equipment, which promotes the growth of Legionella and/or other biofilm-associated bacteria. This places your building occupants at risk when re-occupancy occurs. Now is the time to develop and implement a safe and effective Water Management Plan to protect your building occupants, maximizing their health and safety upon re-occupancy.

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Thursday, July 30, 2020   /   CATEGORIES: Energy, Government, Healthcare, Higher Education, Sustainability, Technology   Posted by: Michael Berning, Mark Brumfield, John Black, Ryan Henderson, Amanda Doenges, Matt Sciarretti, Ryan Hoffman, Daric Hess

data network design for HD Video Streaming

Learn how to ask the right questions to ensure that your network is designed for not only today's video needs, but the video needs across the expected lifespan of a network.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020   /   CATEGORIES: Technology   Posted by: Dwayne Henderson

Healthcare Pandemic Planning

How will COVID-19 impact resiliency in healthcare? Are hospitals prepared for the next pandemic? What should healthcare systems being doing now and in projects moving forward in response to this and future pandemics?

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020   /   CATEGORIES: Healthcare   Posted by: Daric Hess


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