New Certifications

Congratulations to our HEAPY colleagues on their new Certifications!

PHILIP BRAAKSMA is now an elite 3500 ECSE Professional. MATT A. GRAHAM is now Certified as a 3rd Party Firestop Inspector.  And, ALEX CLAPPER has joined a very exclusive group of individuals as a WELL Accredited Professional.

PHILIP BRAAKSMA is now an elite 3500 ECSE Professional. The Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer (ECSE) is for Wi-Fi professionals who can expertly address all aspects of planning, implementation, analysis and maintenance of Wi-Fi networks.  Planning for a Wireless network is not as simple as you may think.  Over-provisioning (of access points) becomes an issue with wireless networks because of the increased possibility of co-channel interference with many access points placed nearby. That’s why Wi-Fi site surveys are crucial during the planning stage of a project.

When considering installing new wireless systems to upgrading and improving your current service, site surveys are designed to optimize coverage and performance across your premises. Let HEAPY help you with your wireless planning.  Contact Phil at

MATT A. GRAHAM is now certified as a 3rd Party Firestop Inspector.  This Certification, as issued by the International Firestop Council, proves Matt is uniquely qualified to perform special inspections of through penetration and joint assembly firestop systems as required by the International Building Code, and in compliance with the guidelines set forth by ASME 2174 and 2393.  Matt will be furthering his knowledge base through manufacturer training to achieve the OSHPD recognized Premier Certificate.

ALEX CLAPPER has joined an exclusive group of individuals with demonstrated expertise in the growing field of wellness and health building science as a WELL Accredited Professional.  Heapy is presently in the process of attaining WELL certification for our new Columbus Office.  Having led our WELL efforts in Columbus, Alex adds considerable expertise to our growing staff of HEAPY WELL APs!

The WELL Building Standard® is the world’s first building standard focused on human health and wellness.   As the Green / Sustainability market evolves, with more focus on the impact design decisions have on the individual, the WELL Building Standard is at the forefront in establishing benchmarks and goals for this effort.

Contact Alex at to find out how we can assist you with incorporating this performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features that impact human health and well-being.

HEAPY congratulates these individuals for their hard work and dedication to improving the quality of service HEAPY provides.  The dedication of these individuals confirms the HEAPY commitment to continual improvement in providing excellent customer service!

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