Congratulations to HEAPY colleagues on advancing their expertise!

KELSEY HUNTER and BILLY FRANK are now LEED Accredited Professionals through the USGBC. Our Commissioning staff have attained multiple certifications including: JOSH JONES has earned his BCxP designation, ROB FURST is a CxA and BRETT DEVILBISS is a CxT.

For Kelsey Hunter and Billy Frank, earning their LEED credential provides clients with an invaluable insight on green building and sustainable development. LEED is one of the most comprehensive and difficult certifications to attain in the built environment. Attaining this certification supports and facilitates transformative thought on sustainable construction and design. The built environment plays an important role in combating climate change, and LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP) are needed to provide guidance in appropriately designing and constructing buildings that reduce emissions and energy consumption as well as provide productive and healthy environments for building occupants.

Josh Jones, a Senior Commissioning Project Administrator, earning his BCxP certification validates his competency to lead, plan, coordinate and manage a Commissioning team to implement commissioning processes in new and existing buildings. The BCxP certification has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as meeting the Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines (BBWG).

Rob Furst, a Commissioning Project Administrator, joins an elite group of 1,500 individuals by earning his ACG CxA certification. The CxA (Certified commissioning Authority) program recognizes independent building commissioning professionals who demonstrate the technical, management and communications skills required for competent performance.

Brett DeVilbiss, a Commissioning Technician, recently earned his ACG CxT certification. ACG Certified Commissioning Technicians work on commissioning projects under the direction and supervision of a Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA). Technical aptitude along with clear communication skills and the ability to adhere to documentation and distribution protocols and other commissioning skills are necessary to achieve commissioning goals. ACG CxTs possess essential core technical, communication and commissioning skills.

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