National Engineers Week
CEO - Mark Brumfield in the Spotlight

We celebrate our CEO, Mark Brumfield as a part of National Engineers Week. He inspires wonder throughout our firm, for our clients and future engineers. Mark is a highly respected industry leader because he uses his 25 years of engineering leadership experience to continue to provide for our colleagues and clients to guide HEAPY in the direction of potential success. He also provides guidance to our engineering colleagues on matters regarding the latest innovations in design, the development of design tools, codes and overall industry insight.

Mark’s Spotlight Interview:

Mark Brumfield, PE, LEED AP BD+C

What inspired you to become an engineer?

“From the time that I can remember, my father always said that I was going to be an Electrical Engineer. My family came to Ohio from Southeast Kentucky where nobody had ever gone to college, so he wanted me to be an Engineer. Also, as I was growing up, the NASA space missions and landing on the moon missions always interested me, and the fact that two of the astronauts were from Ohio, really impacted me. I have always liked understanding how things work and I love math and science, so it ended up being a great match for me and my career.”

What do you do to inspire and mentor the next generation of engineers?

“I try and go out to as many school districts that I can and talk about Engineering and why it is so pivotal to the future success of our society. I talk to as many different grades as possible from elementary to high school career fairs. There are so many areas in Engineering, that it is fairly easy to cast a wide net of ideas to catch the attention of the youth and hopefully inspire them.”

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