Veterans Day

We are tremendously grateful to our Military Veterans who served in the U.S Armed forces and who continue to serve and support our communities. In honor of Veterans Day, our colleagues at HEAPY share their service experience and talk about how they continue to serve our local communities.

Jeremy served in the Army Reserves from 1999-2008 and deployed to Iraq in 2006.

He began his service in Water Treatment then transferred to Communications for deployment. The highest rank he achieved was Staff Sergeant (E-6).


Jeremy Williams
Technical Leader

Community Involvement
In Jeremy’s spare time, he serves his community by volunteering at various veteran’s charities and veteran-owned businesses.



Dan was enlisted in the U.S. Navy from November of 1984 through November of 1988 where he progressed to be a Second Class Petty Officer (E-5).

His enlistment included the first nine months at Naval Station Great Lakes where he completed Boot Camp, the Basic Electricity and Electronics School, and his Electrician’s Mate Class “A” school.


Dan Dowler
Senior Electrical Engineer


After completing his training, he was assigned to USS FORRESTAL (CV-59) based in Mayport, Florida and stayed until he was discharged. During this time, Dan was part of a cruise for the NATO training that took him roughly 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle, two cruises of the Mediterranean Sea, and one long cruise that took him from the North Arabian Sea (including trips through the Suez Canal), the Mediterranean, and the North Sea. A major highlight was steaming the Mississippi River to dock at New Orleans for Mardi Gras in 1988, becoming the largest ship to be on the Mississippi River. Dan then received an Honorable Discharge in November of 1988 and returned home to Ohio.

Community Involvement

Since departing the Navy, Dan has spent most of his time working towards a degree and starting a family. He is actively involved with his church, having been ordained a Permanent Deacon in the Diocese of Columbus in November of 2020. Dan is also a member in the Knights of Columbus, where he makes visits to the Chillicothe and Columbus Veterans Affairs facilities to spend time with them. He is also involved with the Catholic War Veteran’s Society.



Merritt spent four years in the U.S. Marines from 2004-2008. His service time included two deployments.

The first deployment was one UDP to Okinawa, Japan that involved stops in multiple Asian Pacific countries, where he trained Marines. The second deployment was in Fallujah, Iraq in 2006.


Merritt Roseberry
Project Manager

While there, Merritt served in three missions: Artillery Fire Direction Control, Convoy Security, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Security (consisting of protecting EOD Techs, Security of the EOD convoy, and house clearing near all IED positions). During that time, he earned the Rank of SGT (E-5).

Community Involvement

Every other year, Merritt takes a trip to Alabama to help raise money for one of three fallen service members. He also supports The Red Barn Veteran’s program. Outside of work, Merritt coaches multiple sports teams.



Philip joined the Ohio National Guard in 2010. He attended the University of Dayton on a ROTC Scholarship and was commissioned in 2013 as a Signal Officer.

He was assigned to 174 Air Defense Artillery Regiment.


Philip Braaksma
Senior Technology Engineer

His active duty time includes Washington D.C. (Operation Noble Eagle, to defend detect deter the skies of the Capital), Poland (Operation Anaconda, to show support for European allies and conduct live fire exercise at the Baltic sea), and Afghanistan (Operation Freedom Sentinel, on C-RAM (Counter Rocket and Mortar).

Continuing Education and Expertise

Philip is currently a Captain with Captains Career Course (primary military education) that he completed. He is now pursuing a promotion to Major. He also completed school this year to be qualified as an Air Defense Artillery officer. He has an upcoming deployment to Washington D.C. again, for the same mission of Operation Noble Eagle.


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