Information & Communication
Technology Practice

HEAPY is a nationally recognized leader in the design of high-performance buildings for mission-critical facilities. Our designs integrate the latest SMART Technologies to ensure that facilities are able to operate at peak efficiency.

Dwayne Henderson

ICT Practice Director


Systems Design & Operation

We design sites of all descriptions, levels and tiers of reliability, resiliency and efficiency. Our experts are ready to help your facilities meet all mission-critical operational demands.

Emerging Technologies

Our vast experience and knowledge base in MEP Systems Design gives us the unique advantage of understanding CFD model results that validate the output and ensure the feasibility of achieving the desired design.

Critical Facilities

  • Co-Location Data Centers
  • Commercial Data Centers
  • Enterprise Data Centers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Higher Education Facilities
  • HPC (High Performance Computing)
  • Operational Control Centers
  • Research Data Centers
  • Server Farms & Hosting Centers
  • Telecommunication Network Management Centers
  • Utility Services & Transmission Centers

Shaping Mission Critical

  • Professional Engineers
  • Healthcare Facility Design Professionals
  • Certified Healthcare Constructors
  • LEED Accredited Professionals
  • NCQLP Lighting Certified
  • Certified Plumbing Designers

Featured Projects

Thought Content

Planning for the New Normal

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