Investing in Health & Wellness

As pandemic restrictions ease, employees are resigning at the highest rate we’ve seen in the past two decades, with more than 4 million people quitting their jobs in April alone. Dubbed the Great Resignation, this upheaval signals a dramatic shift in the labor market, with employees demanding better workplace safety and a greater focus on health and wellness.

According to a study by Wakefield Research, 68% of workers do not feel completely safe working in their employer’s buildings and one in four remote workers said they would look for a new job rather than return to a worksite with inadequate safety measures.

At HEAPY, we prioritized the safety and wellness of our colleagues by investing in the WELL Health-Safety Rating through the International WELL Building Institute. This evidence-based, third-party verified program will help you develop operational policies and protocols to support health and safety in the post-COVID-19 environment and beyond, focusing on 22 strategies in these key areas:
1. Keeping spaces clean and sanitized
2. Providing essential health benefits and services
3. Communicating health and safety efforts
4. Preparing for an emergency
5. Assessing air and water quality

To achieve WELL Health-Safety Rating, HEAPY implemented features such as creating a business continuity plan, assessing ventilation, reducing respiratory particle exposure (air quality), and selecting non-toxic cleaning products.

We can help you prioritize health and wellness as part of your facility design and operation, so that you can join the growing ranks of hundreds of organizations who have earned WELL Health-Safety Rating certification. After all, we spend 90% of our time inside buildings, so the quality of our indoor environment should be a priority.

We know that you worry about your culture and your team’s productivity, and how those will impact your ability to innovate and compete in the future. Getting your facility certified provides validation of your emergency preparedness, assures employees that it is safe to return to work, and inspires public trust in your operations. Most importantly, getting certified takes the guesswork out of operating safely and can help you reduce wasted time and effort.

In the past decade, we have seen a trend towards incorporating health and wellness into building design and renovation, and the pandemic only accelerated that trend. Your employees and customers want to see that you care about their health and wellbeing. The WELL Health-Safety Rating is a proactive way to address the challenges of today, while preparing for the future.

Let our team help you reopen and operate safely now and for years to come. We are here to offer you support and resources, including facility and building optimization, air quality improvements, and WELL Health-Safety Rating certification.

The WELL Health-Safety Rating was developed by a task force of nearly 600 public health experts, virologists, government officials, academics, business leaders, architects, designers, and real estate professionals, and incorporates COVID-19 safety guidelines from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control.

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