Performance for Life


We provide a road map to streamline FACILITY management


HEAPY provides Intelligent Building Management to continually monitor building automation and energy systems, analyze-real time data, highlight anomalies, and identify precisely where your staff and resources are most valuable. We streamline facility operations and maintenance, functioning as an extension of your team so you can direct resources where they are needed most at precisely the right time.



Trusted Partner

HEAPY will identify urgent facility priorities, partnering with you as a true triage team and helping your staff operate and direct resources in the most effective way possible, allowing the mission of your organization to remain a priority.

Best-In-Class Engineering

You benefit from best-in-class engineering skills combined with continuous building monitoring solutions. Together, this solution is designed to guide your staff to resolve the highest priorities in real time, making sure your buildings operate at peak performance while maintaining occupant comfort.



We will be your energy systems guru, with decades of industry experience to help your team operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. HEAPY Intelligent Building Management removes the guesswork, so your team can address the most important issues and detect problems at the earliest opportunity.



“HEAPY has performed assessments on 10 buildings… We have implemented nearly all of their recommendations with a proven savings of approximately 10% of the annual energy usage prior to these retro-commissioning projects. I recommend HEAPY to any organization looking to reduce their energy usage.”

— Rod Johnson, Associate VP for Operations, Cedarville University