Healthcare Pandemic Planning

Resource: Healthcare Pandemic Planning

How will COVID-19 impact resiliency in healthcare? Are hospitals prepared for the next pandemic? What should healthcare systems be doing now and in projects moving forward in response to this and future pandemics? This Healthcare Pandemic Planning Guide is a starting point to help every healthcare facility and health system evaluate their current conditions and elevate their PREPARATION, FLEXIBILITY & RESILIENCY to serve their communities.

Since no one was expecting COVID-19, it revealed different needs than other planning exercises traditionally done around weather related natural disasters and anthropogenic hazards. Facilities with good, easily accessible infrastructure documentation, robust technology and planned infrastructure flexibility were ahead of the game when responding to this pandemic but there is much more response needed in the built environment to adapt to the new normal.

In the HEAPY spirit of Real COLLABORATION, please let us know where we can be of assistance as all of us explore how to change the built environment and in preparation for the “What’s Next?”

Resource: Healthcare Pandemic Planning

Wednesday, July 15, 2020   /   CATEGORIES: Healthcare   Posted by: Daric Hess