Heapy Awarded Energy Savings Performance Contract

Heapy is proud to announce that we are providing full Engineering and Commissioning Services for the Continued Energy Efficiency and Reliability Work at the Army’s Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC) in Lima, Ohio.  This includes providing Engineering and Commissioning Services to ensure the identified energy objectives are achieved.

The project adds over $37 million to an existing $11.8 million contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The scope involves implementing facility upgrades designed to save approximately $85.6 million and approximately 6.5 trillion BTUs over the 19-year performance period.  The JSMC is known to be one of the Army’s largest energy consumers and is where armored vehicles, such as the M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank are restored and repaired.

Heapy has contracted with CMS, Inc. on the Siemens based contract for the modification of the U.S. Army’s first energy savings performance contract (ESPC) at a government-owned, contractor-operated facility.  The project is designed to reduce the JSMC’s and the Army Materiel Command’s energy consumption and help strengthen their energy security.  Under the ESPC mechanism, Siemens will cover the cost for the efficiency improvements and the facility will pay it back over time from cost savings generated by those improvements.

Heapy is proud to be part of a project that is the FIRST of its kind.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018   /   CATEGORIES: Energy, Government   Posted by: Heapy