The Foodbank Inc Opens New Greenhouse

On August 30, we were thrilled to attend the unveiling of the new Beverly K. Greenehouse, named after the Greene family, at The Foodbank, Inc. HEAPY donated more than 100 hours of engineering design services for utility services, air circulation, and permitting.

“We are proud to support this new greenhouse, which will help The Foodbank provide more fresh produce for local families who struggle to afford healthy food,” said Mark Brumfield, CEO of HEAPY. “This work directly supports our company purpose: To build a more sustainable, well, and resilient future in our community.”

The 6,000 square-foot greenhouse will harvest approximately 80,000 plants a year, primarily greens and herbs. The greenhouse has 800 grow channels where the plants will grow year-round.

“The Foodbank is thankful for the generous support from HEAPY, who helped make the vision of the Beverly K. Greenehouse a reality,” said Michelle Riley, CEO of The Foodbank, Inc. “This new greenhouse will provide a sustainable way to grow and harvest fresh lettuces and herbs for direct distribution in our community and through our network of partner agencies. We are grateful for HEAPY’s partnership and the shared pursuit to create a hunger-free community.”

HEAPY thanks our partners at Danis for including us in this project. The following HEAPY colleagues worked on the project: Darrin Thompson, Kyle Gordon, Andrew Tudor, Lane Oatman, Evan Hatfield, James Thomas, Ryan Henderson, and Aaron Vincent.

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