Congratulations to Bryan Kinch for achieving the EcoDistrict Accredited Professional certification. This certification demonstrates his commitment to creating sustainable, equitable neighborhoods that meet the EcoDistricts Certified standard. As an EcoDistricts AP, Bryan is committed to community development ensuring equity, resilience and climate protection at the center of all development decisions.

As an Energy Engineer, Bryan works to increase the energy production of renewable energy sources like wind, solar power, geothermal and hydropower. He is experienced in monitoring and developing alternative energy outputs.

In working with his clients, he has demonstrated if a project is properly planned and executed throughout the design and construction process, every project can be environmentally responsible, energy efficient and cost effective.

He has been involved with Sustainable Design/Energy Consulting on multiple projects including Educational Facilities, Office Buildings, Government Facilities, Manufacturing Facilities, Laboratories, and Hospitals.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020   /   CATEGORIES: Energy, Sustainability   Posted by: Heapy