As we all contend with COVID-19, we appreciate our longstanding as well as our new relationships within the A/E/C industry.   Over the last 75 years we have seen many cycles and through each one, together we collectively emerged stronger than before.  We just want you to know we are here as always to help


Going forward, as the “new normal” starts to take shape, we are available to help you keep ahead of the eventual strain to your business by directly addressing the stresses of these “new” needs. 

Strategically planning for additional system Resiliency, Infection Mitigation, Telecommunications and other needs as well as balancing and prioritizing Capital Expenditures while tackling Deferred Maintenance, will serve to protect you and your business in the long term.


Over the past month, our Healthcare Practice has helped hospitals developed strategies to treat the influx of COVID-19 patients by converting floors to negative suites, isolation room validation, designed MEP/T infrastructure for surge hospital beds in Convention Centers and other existing facilities.  With PPE in high demand we have also worked with the Cleveland Clinic to convert a facility that re-sterilizes N95 masks, goggles and face shields to protect the healthcare workers.  

Please reach out if you need our assistance.  And, if you just simply want to compare notes as to how we may be dealing with internal and external business matters during this time of historic disruption, please feel welcome to contact us at any time.

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