VR - AR - 3D Scanning

Heapy has been using ground-breaking photogrammetry technology to accurately capture existing building conditions in true 3D.  Our Reality Capture Technicians scan and document every detail of some of the most challenging large and tight spaces. What this effort generates are accurate and interactive 3D walkthroughs, viewable on any computer or Virtual Reality device.

3D scanning is more efficient and precise than traditional (field work take-off) methods, directly translating to dramatically improved project coordination. These 3D models, (at 99% accuracy), are imported directly into the Revit Design model showing exacting as-built conditions. With the use of 3D scanning and Virtual Reality building, owners can explore every room of a building as if they are actually in the space. We can capture the building at different points in the construction, (for example before finishes go up), allowing the owner to later “see through walls and ceilings.” It also captures the as-built conditions after construction for the Owner’s records and also for facility management (items can be tagged for future maintenance needs).

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