Fire Protection

Fire Protection Services

From water-based fire suppression to alternative clean agent extinguishing, our fire protection systems are designed to reduce construction costs and minimize energy consumption. We’re ready to meet each owner’s unique objectives while complementing creative building designs.

Fire Protection Services

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Exterior Wind Modeling
  • Fresh Air Intake Contamination
  • Turbulence Reduction
  • Thermal Comfort in Large Spaces
  • Moisture/Humidity Modeling
  • Vehicle Exhaust Dispersion Analysis
  • Data Center Cooling Systems
  • Manufacturing Process Equipment Evaluation

Commissioning & Special Inspections

  • Integrated Fire Protection System
  • Audits & Surveys of Existing Systems
  • Special Inspections & Smoke Control

Code Compliance & Project Reviews

  • Egress and Evacuation Analysis
  • Code Conflict Resolutions
  • Equivalency Development

Thought Content

Planning for the New Normal

In Planning for the NEW NORMAL, we must provide ways to make the built environment safe and healthy. What Strategic Operations Planning is necessary to ensure your Organization and its facilities, equipment, and people are prepared for the “What’s Next?”

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