Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Sensors Laboratory

Project Overview

Heapy designed the Mechanical-Electrical systems for the 150,000 SF Sensors Directorate Laboratory Addition and Office Building.

The project added approximately 91,000 SF and altered approximately 56,000 SF of the existing Sensors complex, according to AFRL. It allowed Sensors Directorate units currently located at Hanscom Air Force Base at Boston, Massachusetts, and in Rome, New York, to relocate here.

The project added offices, laboratories and a sensors testing range to the existing Air Force Research Laboratory sensors directorate building.

As part of the project, 30,000 SF of existing Class 100 cleanroom space was completely rebuilt. The rebuild included refacing of walls with a new cleanroom grade wall system, a new cleanroom ceiling grid, lighting, and terminal HEPA filter units for 75 FPM average room air velocity, refurbishment of the existing AH units with new pre-filters, humidification equipment, as well as complete cleaning and reseal of existing supply air ductwork. Also provided were new Class 10,000 Gowning Areas and Air Showers to support the Class 100 clean spaces.

The sensors directorate is developing “layered sensing,” a technology years away from field deployment, that will allow radar, electro-optical devices and other sensors to communicate with others to monitor large areas. The system would link sensors in inner and outer space, atop buildings and even mounted on US troops’ helmets.

The project is LEED Silver.



150,000 SF


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