The Ohio State University

Sustainability Plan

Project Overview

Heapy co-led The Ohio State University’s Sustainability Plan Project Team with Mithun.

The focus of the effort was to identify synergistic solutions to create a more sustainable campus consistent with the University’s mission and climate change targets.  Sustainability analyses included water consumption, ecological function of campus landscapes, and reduction of impacts from purchasing decisions, food systems and waste flows.  Further, energy and greenhouse gas emissions data, as compiled by the University and its consultants, were incorporated into the Sustainability Plan.

Also, a complete review of the University’s voluminous Design Standards was conducted.  This was to validate the support of the University’s overall sustainability mission through the ongoing upgrade, renovation and new building additions to the campus built environment.

Additionally, the Team produced OSU’s Climate Action Plan to comply with the requirements of the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment.

Thought Content

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