JP Morgan Chase

Corporate Renovation

Project Overview

Heapy is the Designer of Record for the $320M, 1,461,000 SF renovation of the Columbus Corporate Center Renovation for JPMorgan Chase. The project is a renovation to a 111,000 SF amenities section of the building which includes a large conference center complete with advanced audio visual and lighting upgrades as well as HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection upgrades to accommodate the modification. The project is broken up into multiple phases while maintaining an occupied and operational building with 10,000 current employees.

The remainder 1,351,000 SF of the renovation is a multi-floor office space broken into 4 main wings with 4 additional secondary wings flanking a main atrium space. This renovation will consist of a refresh of bathrooms, workplace furniture, power support for all office space furniture as well as all mechanicals required to support technology upgrades and all shifts of conference rooms within the office workplace wings. The updates are to create a more open, efficient and collaborative workspace.

Information security is paramount at a bank location and a closed network is implemented for security as well as a double interlock security access system for all Technology rooms. All Automated Temperature Controls and Lighting Controls must be stand alone and are not permitted to transmit outside the complex.

Heapy has had and continues to have a collaborative relationship to the complete design, ownership and construction team to ensure all goals are met for the project and the owner is aware of all possible risks which we can foresee with the project construction.

While the building is not pursing LEED accreditation Heapy designed the building with many principles and design measures which are a requirement of LEED. Heapy met or Exceeded all ASHRE requirements for Heating and Cooling of the space. Integrated daylight harvesting into a Lutron Lighting controls system, utilized LED lighting in all spaces in the construction and design of the project, and installed low flow plumbing fixtures to comply with water usage requirements.


1,461,000 SF


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