Healthcare Facility

Project Overview

Heapy designed the Mechanical-Electrical and Technology systems for the hospital’s expansion, which includes a new, eight-story 260,000 SF patient tower, a central utility plant and data center. The following MEP systems were included in the design of the data center:

New LED energy efficient lighting with automatic controls for optimal energy usage. This project was 100% LED.
Two new 1500Kw generators and associated paralleling gear for emergency backup of data system and hospital emergency power.
Distribution and equipment layouts for the entire facility, coordination of UPS’s, transfer equipment and power associated with the HVAC for optimal diversity and redundancy.
Complete redundant power was provided to meet the hospitals data system requirements and a tier 3 installation.
Bus duct in the data room to provide flexibility in adding loads without disruption.
Metering on all data center equipment to allow for smart decision making for new loads.

Fire Alarm:
A special microprocessor based double supervised, closed circuit system.
A complete Vesda early warning smoke detection system has been provided for the total space with special detection for the Data racks and CRAC units.

HVAC system included redundant CRAC units to meet the requires of a Tier 3 installation. CRAC units in the white space feature a refrigerant economizer. CRAC fans are variable speed. Hot air return from data racks is ducted using a passive chimney to air return plenum. CFD modeling aided final configuration of data hall cooling system.
The remaining spaces of the data center is heated and cooled by a heat recovery air cooled VRF system.
Building pressurization and ventilation is provided by a dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) system featuring energy recovery.

Fire Suppression:
The total building is designed around a Wet system, the system in the Data room PBX and UPS room shall be a double interlocking pre-action system, with a nitrogen generator compressed air dry system.


$140,000,000 (total project)
$9,500,000 (data center)
260,000 SF
2,400 SF Data Center White Space


Thought Content

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