Court + Walnut


Project Overview

Heapy is part of the design team that is transforming the prominent surface parking lot along Cincinnati’s Streetcar line into an Urban Mixed-Use development site. Recognizing the significance of the site as a gateway between the Central Business District, the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, and the Central Parkway corridor, the goals were to create an active and engaged pedestrian experience at street level, offer residents unparalleled views of the City, and create a building that links the Over-the-Rhine and Downtown neighborhoods together.

Energy Efficient Design:
Designed to include a heat recovery system
Capture waste heat from the commercial refrigeration system
Supplement the heating load of the building
Provide supplemental hot water for the domestic water system

The design, and its open glass walls, allow the activity and energy of the grocery to engage directly with the sidewalk, and even offer cafe dining on Court Street. The second story is dedicated to prepared foods, indoor dining, and a tap room and wine-tasting space – including an outdoor balcony overlooking Central Parkway.

Above the Kroger store, 555 parking spaces serve store patrons, apartment residents, and downtown users. The garage façade integrates the retail base with the apartment tower above, merging the three programs and 18 stories into a single vision.


520,000 SF
18 stories
Street & Mezzanine level Grocery store approximately 65,000 SF
7 story above grade parking structure
136 unit apartment tower (8 stories)


Thought Content

Seasonal Maintenance Increases Efficiency and Improves Indoor Air Quality

By: Ryan Hoffman

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