Planning for the New Normal
Plumbing Systems Re-Occupancy and Ongoing Operations

Resource: Planning for the NEW NORMAL
– Plumbing Systems Re-Occupancy and Ongoing Operations July 2020 Update

Your building may have been shut down these past many months due to WFH/COVID. Minimal use of your building’s water systems creates stagnant water in your plumbing system piping and equipment, which promotes the growth of Legionella and/or other biofilm-associated bacteria. This places your building occupants at risk when re-occupancy occurs. 

Now is the time to develop and implement a safe and effective Water Management Plan to protect your building occupants, maximizing their health and safety upon re-occupancy. 

Resource: Planning for the NEW NORMAL

In the movie The Patriot, as Lord General Cornwallis was witnessing the defeat of his powerful forces at Yorktown by what was the unknown Continental Army, in a solemn tone he remarked “Everything will change. Everything has changed.”

Now we are in another winnable battle. And, although this is not the first pandemic we have faced, beyond the serious medical response, the social, economic and workplace ramifications have been quite impactful. And unfortunately, with globalization easily connecting people across all continents – only increasing the likely spread of viruses and diseases around the world – this undoubtedly will not be the last pandemic we face.

With COVID-19, HEAPY was asked to and did quickly mobilize to Plan and Design critical healthcare surge facilities including:

• Cleveland Clinic Medina COVID Convert ED Room 4
• Cleveland Clinic PPE Sanitizing
• Cleveland Clinic Surge Hospital
• Cleveland Clinic UV Laundry Facility
• Dayton Children’s Hospital Regional COVID-19 Testing Lab
• Duke Energy Center Conversion to Alternative Care Site
• Columbus Convention Center Conversion to Alternative Care Site

As we emerge from this current crisis, HEAPY is here to help you plan for the “What’s Next?”.

Occupying spaces of any kind under our new normal will require informed, sensible Planning by Building Owners and Operators to ensure their facilities have been properly changed to a safe, healthy and people focused mode of business operation. Our goal is to provide Real INSPIRATION for you to readily take on the challenge of our new normal.

Please click here and scan through our Planning for the NEW NORMAL. In this document we have pulled together our experience and expertise in building systems to provide useful hints, background on Building Systems and cost saving alternatives for addressing our new normal. As the CDC, ASHRAE and others further their research, we will continue to update this document.

In the HEAPY spirit of Real COLLABORATION, please let us know where we can be of assistance as all of us go forward in changing the built environment in response to this pandemic and in preparation for the “What’s Next?”.

Resource: Planning for the NEW NORMAL
– Plumbing Systems Re-Occupancy and Ongoing Operations July 2020 Update

Resource: Planning for the NEW NORMAL

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