National Engineers Week - Phil Reid in the Spotlight

In celebration of National Engineers Week of, “Inspiring Wonder,” we are highlighting Phil Reid who works in our Dayton Education/Corporate Practice. Phil joined HEAPY in 2017 and has gained valuable experience as a Mechanical Engineer in a short amount of time.

Phil acts as Vice Chair of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). He mentors and drives engineering excellence with the people in the society and with students on various campus’ of K-12 and higher education.

Phil’s Spotlight Interview:

Phil Reid, Mechanical Engineer

What inspired you to become an engineer?

“The inspiration that began my journey to becoming an engineer is dynamic in nature. There were many people, instances, and vital programming I participated in such as family, mentors, teachers, and summer camp experiences around Indianapolis where I grew up or at Purdue University that fueled and impacted this journey within my life. Outside of those factors and being an avid reader growing up, which I attribute to my last name “Reid”, the inspiration to become an engineer started with these five inquisitive words: How, What, Where, Who, and Why.

As long as I can remember I have had a sincere longing of how various applications within the world of STEM worked. My father had a “How Stuff Works” book where it was an amazement for me to see the growth of technology within such a short time-period after the world was primarily an agrarian society for thousands of years. These questions fueled my desire to learn about the things I interacted with every day in my own life. In my household growing up beside my three brothers, alongside being deemed Mr. Break-It, I was Mr. Fix-it, Mr. IT, and Mr. Tech Support. Those experiences helped me build a foundation based on critical thinking on how to approach problems, because I would for sure have to fix it if I broke it. The critical thinking piece is something I am still building on to this day. The tools and thought processes I have obtained and established throughout the years have helped me in all areas of my life.”

What do you do to inspire and mentor the next generation of engineers?

“I have been blessed to serve others through various initiatives and platforms, including but not limited to ASHRAE and NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers). Since moving to Dayton, OH one lesson that stands out that I acquired from my pastor is that leaders “lead by precept and example.” In all my efforts whether inside or outside the church walls, whether inside or outside my profession, this is how I desire to live my life. I have to be willing to get my hands dirty and be one of those who are among the boots on the ground making an impact where needed. Being hands on is pretty much a big part of being an engineer, so why not take the same approach in inspiring, mentoring, and leading others too! When it comes to inspiring and mentoring the next generation of engineers whether the target audience happens to be K-12 students, collegiate students, or among my own peer group, I get involved.

I strive to empower each group by engaging with them, educating them not only about my personal experience but sharing wisdom and knowledge that others have imparted to me, and by providing exposure to the realm of possibilities that are distant in nature, but can be obtained through diligence and perseverance. All in all, I endeavor to be a light in this world, that is, a Christ-like example who just happens to fulfill part of his purpose through a STEM platform.”

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